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Why A Folding Stroller Wagon Will Help Your Family

four passenger black Keenz stroller wagon with top cover houses four children who look out to the cobbled streets of the city

Why A Folding Stroller Wagon Will Help Your Family


A stroller wagon is your key to family adventures near and far. It can also be the answer to getting the smallest daily chores done, especially when you also have your kids to look after. Moms and dads already perform many miracles each day, but Keenz just wants to make your jobs a little easier! 


Getting yourself, your little ones, and your stroller wagon to your destination with no hassle or fuss can seem like an incredibly daunting task sometimes. Here at Keenz, we believe in making the journey to the adventure as much fun as the adventure itself. That’s why our folding stroller wagons are big enough for your family but fold up neatly enough for your car! 


Whether you choose a folding stroller wagon to fit two or four children, all of our stroller wagon models are portable and very easy to fold. And as easy as they are to fold and pack up, they are just as simple to unfold when you get to your destination. There should be no delays to important adventure days!


Why You Need A Folding Stroller Wagon


We have all seen that mom at the mall struggling to pack her stroller in the trunk with a crying baby or kids going crazy in their seats. What may have been a day out for mom and the kids turned into a test of the mother’s nerves as she tries to manipulate something too big and bulky into a small space! Nobody wants to endure the struggle and strife of fighting a stroller.


A stroller wagon is here to make life easier. At Keenz, our best folding stroller wagons are designed to give your little ones plenty of space and comfort while they are out and about. Removable canopies, double handlebars, and all-terrain wheels make adventuring incredibly easy. Additional accessories like cup holders, activity trays, and coolers will give you and your family smooth trips every time.


But would you ditch all the extra comforts if it meant having to fight with your stroller wagon every time you start and end a trip? With a Keenz stroller wagon, you never have to make that choice. Our wagons are lightweight and can be loaded into a car by a single adult. No engineering degree needed!


Stroller wagons are also great to have on family vacations, and they are perfect for days at the beach, days filled with sightseeing, or even camping trips. When it comes to packing for your vacation, the best folding stroller wagon means you have space for everything else. You are able to take it with you to the airport to fold it and check it in as you get to the boarding gate. And don’t worry, the best folding stroller wagons will fit in your rental car, too!


Our Keenz Folding Stroller Wagons Are Intuitively Designed

A lot of foldable stroller wagons tend to fold into odd shapes, making them difficult to fit into smaller spaces. They just end up being more of a burden than a blessing.


With Keenz, our stroller wagons fold intuitively to save the most space.


Keenz folding stroller wagons fold flat, so you can store them not only in the trunk of your car but also in your closets or in the garage. You could even keep your Keenz foldable stroller wagon in an entryway cubby without the feeling of clutter.


How The Keenz Foldable Stroller Wagons Compare


The portability of our stroller wagon models is what makes them some of the best folding stroller wagons around. They are designed to fit comfortably in the back of most vehicles, and it only takes moments to fold them up and pack them in!


You will be packed up and ready to go in a few easy steps:


  • Remove the canopy and retract the canopy poles.
  • Fold down the handles.
  • Unfasten the wagon fabric.
  • Fold and fasten the storage bin.
  • Pull up from the bottom center to fold the entire wagon.
  • Buckle the straps, and add a cover for longer journeys.
  • Load into your trunk and go.


Reassembling your Keenz stroller wagon takes only a minute, so your little ones will get bored waiting!


These stroller wagons also have removable wheels and a removable axle if you need to fit them into tighter spaces. But don’t worry, removing the wheels is as simple as pressing a few buttons! If you are interested in comparing different Keenz models to see how they stack up against each other, check out our comparison chart, which will help you to make an educated decision for your family!


There are many activities you can do with the time and space you saved with one of our folding stroller wagons. We have highlighted just a few of our family favorites that we want to share with you. 


Spending the day at the beach


A day at the beach requires a lot of items to come with you in the car. From inflatables and boards to swim jackets and snorkels, trying to carry it all is almost a recipe for disaster. It’s a lot easier to pack them all in with the flat fold of your Keenz stroller wagon!


Going for a picnic


With a stroller wagon that is as easy to fold as your picnic blanket, packing a full picnic spread for the entire family isn’t as much of a task. Simply fold, place, and pack your picnic basket neatly on top or on the side of your wagon and enjoy a day in the park with your family!


Taking a trip to the market, just mom and the little ones


You’ve got this, mama! Knowing how easy it is to fold and store your Keenz stroller wagon, you can finally feel confident enough to venture out on your own with the little ones. Not only is there room in the stroller to cover your kids while at the market, but your folding stroller wagon leaves enough room to stash in your bags of shopping too!


Finding Your Favorite Folding Stroller Wagon


The best folding stroller wagon does not only provide a comfortable, fun space for your little ones to see the world, but it also gives your family the freedom to explore as they wish. Your wagon stroller is there to help you and your littles get out and about. Having a foldable stroller wagon that takes seconds to fold means the fun never needs to stop. Take a look at our models and browse our collection of folding stroller wagons today!