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Keenz Stroller Wagon Accessories

Once you select the best stroller wagon for your family, the real fun begins. You can select from our collection ofstroller wagon accessoriesto customize the ride for your kids. Every Keenz stroller wagon is equipped with durable equipment and high-quality materials, but there are some upgrades you may want to add for the comfort and safety of your children. Not every family needs a lot ofwagon attachments, but most find one or two that fit their lifestyles well. 

Weatherproofing Stroller Wagon Attachments

You never know when an unexpected rain storm is going to hit, especially when you’re on vacation or enjoying a day trip away from home. That’s why Keenz offers a few stroller wagon accessories to help families stay safe and dry regardless of the weather: 

  • All-Weather Covers – Cover the entire stroller wagon with waterproof material. Children stay dry and warm even in a downpour. 
  • Mosquito Netting Covers – Cover the stroller with lightweight netting to keep mosquitos and other small pests away from your precious cargo. It’s more effective and less toxic than mosquito sprays. 
  • Dual Canopies – Replace the standard visor on your stroller wagon with two canopies that are easy to fold out or pull back as needed. They’re perfect for pleasant weather when you don’t need protection from pests or rain. 

All-weather and mosquito covers are essential if you live in a big city and plan to use your stroller wagon as a primary source of transportation year-round. They also come in handy if your family enjoys traveling or spends a lot of time away from home. 

Stroller Wagon Accessories Parents Love 

Keenz also offers some stroller wagon attachments designed to increase comfort for parents, including: 

  • Parent Console – Provides additional space for parents to store keys, toys, wallets, and other small toys. Everything remains within easy reach, and the console attaches easily. 
  • Cup and Phone Holder – Free up your hands with a secure place for your cup and phone. This is an easy attachment that you can remove as needed.

Upgrading with Stroller Wagon Attachments

You may also want to purchase an extra snack and drink tray or upgrade to an all-terrain wheel set if you own the original Keenz 7S stroller wagon. Even adding a cooler box is a great idea for those long days away from home. You can store everything from bottles and juice boxes to apple slices in the cooler, ensuring your little ones have refreshments on demand. 

Stroller wagon accessories allow you to turn any stroller wagon into customized equipment that meets the needs of your family. Your wagon should free you to enjoy an active lifestyle while keeping your babies safe and comfortable. Adding an accessory or two is the perfect way to gear up for bad weather or just beautiful days out exploring the world as a family! Shop Keenz today to find your perfect accessory!

Love on Wheels: Every Ride, A Week of Nourishment

At Keenz, community and giving are at our heart. For every wagon sold, we donate $10 to World Villages for Children, helping break the cycle of poverty for families.

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