7S Ultimate Adventure - The Kids Wagon with Canopy

7S Ultimate Adventure — The Kids Wagon with Canopy

Why not make your next outing a real adventure? You can easily do exactly that with our 7S Ultimate Adventure Stroller Wagons.

Convenience meets ingenuity with the 7S Ultimate Adventure series, making outings with the crew more enjoyable, easier to manage, and a way to create memorable experiences!

Built to last while keeping your precious cargo safe, our 7S foldable wagon for kids provides comfort, stability, and style wherever your next outing takes you.

Sturdy Construction You Can Trust

Durable — yet lightweight — steel frames ensure your little ones will be happy, secure, and comfy while making your job easy and fun.

Pack away the day with no fuss: your 7S foldable wagon for kids is easily stored until you’re ready for your next adventure.

5-point harnesses make every ride a safe one, holding petite passengers in place securely yet comfortably!

Make Outdoor Adventures a Breeze

All-terrain wheels with spring suspension allow you to glide over bumps, cracks, and other obstacles with ease. Take little ones to the park, on a nature hike, or stroll through the city without concern!

The 7S kids wagon with canopy provides shelter from the elements, so no worries about being surprised by the weather — we’ve got them covered!

Comfort and Style

Leather hand grips are kind to the hands, so chauffeuring your bundles of joy is an easy gig.

Comfort is a given with comfortable seating, keeping little ones happy and comfortable.

Quiet time approved: 7S kids wagon with canopy allows you to block out external stimuli when it’s time for the little ones to have quiet time!

The best part? Our 7S Ultimate Adventure collection comes in two sizes, a two-seater as well as a four-seater, perfect for any family’s needs!

Stay Prepared

Your 7S foldable wagon for kids provides storage in multiple places, so essential items are always within reach.

The 7S kids wagon with canopy includes shoe storage, external zipper pockets, and internal pockets — perfect for little hands to reach into at snack time! Shop our 7S Ultimate Adventure collection today!