Cancel or Order Changes


To request a cancelation of an order that has not shipped, please fill out this form

Once an item has a tracking number in our system (it can take up to 2 hours from number creation to send an email to the customer) it is loaded onto a FedEx truck and considered shipped. Shipped orders cannot be canceled or changed.  If your order has shipped and you refuse to accept the package or request to return to sender, you will be charged the restocking fee upon delivery back to our facility. 

Upon successful cancellation your order will be closed and refunded. The refunds can take 3-5 business days to fully return to your account. 

Address Changes 

Keenz is not responsible for customer errors in shipping addresses at check out. Shipped orders cannot be canceled or changed. If your order has not been shipped, you can request an order change by filling out this form

If your order has shipped, please reach out to the carrier listed in your shipping confirmation. The carrier may be able to assist with an address change while the package is in their possession. 

Order Changes  

Orders cannot be partially changed or partially canceled. Order changes (other than address changes) can only be made by canceling the unshipped order (cannot be done if tracking/shipping has taken place). The unshipped order will be canceled and a refund will be initiated. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to process. You can then place the correct order. To initiate the cancel, please fill out this form