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Fair Pricing Promise: Our Price Matching Policy

Ensuring You Get the Best Value on Every Keenz Purchase

At Keenz, we strive to offer competitive pricing and exceptional quality in all our products. However, we currently do not provide a price matching service. This policy applies in the following scenarios:

  • Past Sales and Promotions: Unfortunately, we cannot adjust prices for purchases made after a sale has ended or for items that have already shipped. However, if a price reduction occurs and your order has not yet shipped, we can cancel the original order, allowing you to reorder at the new, lower price.

  • Authorized Retailer Prices: Currently, we do not match sale prices from other authorized retailers. However, please rest assured that purchases made through our authorized retailers are still fully covered under our warranty, just as if they were purchased directly from our website. For more details, please refer to our Keenz Warranty Info.

Price Adjustments:

Prices are subject to change at the seller's discretion due to factors beyond our control. These may include changes in applicable laws, increases in taxes and duties, currency exchange fluctuations, rises in supply costs, delays caused by the buyer, or any changes to the order requested by the buyer. Additionally, in the rare event of a pricing error, we reserve the right to correct it.

We understand that price is an important factor in your purchasing decisions, and we are committed to providing value through the quality and innovation of our products. We appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Love on Wheels: Every Ride, A Week of Nourishment

At Keenz, community and giving are at our heart. For every wagon sold, we donate $10 to World Villages for Children, helping break the cycle of poverty for families.