Pricing Policy and Price Matching

At this time, Keenz does not offer price matching. This includes: 

  • Matching our own sales pricing from previous sales. We cannot adjust pricing after a sale has ended, or on purchases of items that have already shipped. If a price is lowered AND your order has not shipped, we can cancel the order and you can reorder at the lower price. 
  • Authorized retailer sale prices. We do not match sales pricing from other retailers at this time. Purchases from any of our authorized retailers are still fully warrantied, just as the wagons purchased from our site. See our warranty information for more details: Keenz Warranty Info 

 Prices are subject to change, at the Seller’s discretion, in the event of any factor beyond the Seller's control (including change in applicable laws, increases in taxes and duties, foreign exchange fluctuations, increases in supply costs, delay caused by the Buyer and/or any change to the Order requested by the Buyer) and/or a genuine mistake by the Seller.