Wagon Stroller for 2

Wagon Stroller for 2

Our 2-seater wagon strollers are all about convenience and safety. They’re designed with two seats, separated by a snack and drink tray. The seats allow for siblings or friends to face one another and interact while out for a stroll. Children are positioned in the wagon with some room to stretch their legs while still being seated and strapped in with Keenz’s 5-point harnesses for safety.

2-Seater Wagon Stroller for Growing Families 

For growing families, a wagon stroller for 2 is essential. The oversized, durable wheels make it easier to push two children around the neighborhood, through a theme park, or even through sand, rocks, and other rough terrains. The wagon allows children to have their own space with a little wiggle room to ensure comfort on long day trips away from home. 

Many siblings also enjoy riding face-to-face instead of stacked behind one another in a stroller. They can communicate with one another while exploring the world and sharing a snack. Some 2-seater wagon strollers also offer enough room to take a toy or two along for the ride. 

Wagon Stroller for 2 for Single-Child Families 

You don’t need two children to make use of a 2-seater wagon stroller. You can use the extra seat to haul folding chairs, toys, overnight bags, picnic baskets, blankets, jackets, and many other items that you may otherwise struggle to carry or might just leave at home. The extra seat also comes in handy when taking cousins or friends out for a stroll.  

Some double wagon strollers also allow you to remove one of the seats, allowing for a flexible use of your stroller wagon. This delivers incredible adaptability when keeping your child comfortable and carrying other items at the same time. 

Selecting the Right 2-Seater Wagon Stroller

When selecting a double wagon stroller, think about when and where you may use it the most. Some features will stand out as perfect matches to your lifestyle, while others may seem unnecessary. What is great about our stroller wagon models is that every wagon has canopies with side drapes. This allows for obstruction of outside stimulation for younger children when necessary. In addition, there are side panels on the XC Luxury Comfort model which provides airflow into the wagon as well. 

If you appreciate a canopy that is easy to fold back when your little ones want a full view of the sky, then you may lean toward the Keenz Class City Sleek Stroller Wagon. The Original Keenz wagon may stand out if you’re primarily concerned with the weight of the wagon. 

There’s a wagon stroller for 2 that suits every family at any stage of expansion. No matter what stroller wagon model you choose, you will be able to find many uses for your wagon even after your children outgrow the ride. Shop Keenz to find your perfect 2-seater wagon stroller today!