Stroller Wagon Combo

Stroller Wagon Combos

With Keenz stroller wagon combos, there is nothing that can stop your fun. Be prepared for any adventure, and keep on strolling. Let nature do her best to put your stroller wagon and its wagon add-ons to the test. With the right stroller wagon combo, you know you and your children are always covered!

If you can’t wait for warmer days filled with sunshine and spring blooms, it’s time to get your stroller ready for the unpredictable spring weather. Cool mornings can turn hot before noon. A sunny stroll often runs the risk of being rained out. Luckily, our wagon add-ons are designed to protect your little ones in any kind of weather, rain or shine. 

In other instances, the weather may be great, but those pesky bugs could quickly become the downer to your day out. Never get caught out again with a sudden downpour or bugs bothering your kids. Stroller wagon combos include the all-weather cover and mosquito netting combo, so your little ones can ride in comfort all year round. If you get one of the stroller wagon combos now, you’ll soon be thanking your lucky stars you did!

Perfect for families that love to get outside, the Keenz All Weather Cover offers protection not only from the wind and rain but also harmful UV rays of the sun. The best part? Your family can continue to spend precious time exploring together thanks to four clear windows and a breathable design.  

The Keenz Mosquito Net allows your little ones to enjoy the best of the summer days without the worst of mosquitoes and other small insects flying around. These nets are well-ventilated, so your little one stays cool without sacrificing protection. 
Each cover in the stroller wagon combo folds neatly and is easy to store, so space is never going to be an obstacle to a great day out. 

Get The Best of Both Worlds With Our Stroller Wagon Combo Models

Take being prepared to the next level with a stroller-wagon combo. Make sure you have all of the wagon add-ons you need for more comfort, versatility, and peace of mind every time you take your family out and about. Browse our bundle selections to find the perfect combo for you and your family today!