Keenz Luxury Stroller Wagons - Go Easy...Ride Happy!

Keenz stroller wagons provide children and families a way to safely explore the world! Our stroller wagons take your family outings to the next level, providing a way to head to the park on a nice day, take on the zoo with confidence, the beach with ease, long days of errands and shopping without having to worry about the stress of carrying everything with you and keeping your kids safely by your side (AND happy in their own space). Be prepared for any family trip by shopping our wagon stroller sale today!

Choose the Kids Wagon Stroller for Your Family

We offer several Keenz stroller wagons for you to choose from, each offering a luxury feel, heavy duty all-terrain wheels (except the Class Wagon), easy-to-move design, lots of roomy space inside, and tons of storage on all sides for easy organization.  Our signature Keenz dual side push/pull vegan leather handlebars and Keenz signature single canopy system with SPF protection and privacy shades continue to set the standard. Our wagons are built for comfort, ease and adventure and come fully loaded with


We often get the question what wagon is best for our family?  We recommend for the true adventurous family that frequents the trails and beaches, our 7S models.  When compared to cars, the 7S series is your Bronco, Jeep, Land Rover…an all-around sport utility vehicle.  The 7S+ 4 passenger is the largest by far and would be considered an Expedition, Tahoe or probably most like a Hummer.  The XC series is your true luxury vehicle with comfort for long days.  It is your Lincoln, Mercedes, Lexus and the XC+ 4 Passenger is like adding the 3rd row for extra room. Shop Keenz's models today and see how our wagon stroller sale will revolutionize your family outings!

Keenz XC+ 4 Passenger

Weight Limit: Up to 326 lbs.

Choose the Keenz XC+ if you have multiple small children or just want extra space. Its heavy-duty design and ample storage makes it one of the best wagon stroller options for all-day family adventures and riding in luxury comfort. With blackout shades, vented windows, lots of leg room, and reclining seats it's comfortable enough for kids to close their eyes and relax without getting antsy.

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Keenz 7S+ 4 Passenger

Weight Limit: Up to 300 lbs.

When you need the ultimate all-terrain vehicle the Keenz 7S+ is the go-to solution for hiking and beach trips. These stroller wagons are designed to provide built-in shade for up to four passengers. The canopies help to keep the noise down to reduce overstimulation, allowing children to have quiet time without interruption. These wagons also provide parents with loads of storage and even an insulated cooler compartment! You can keep your hands free and bring everything you want when using this kid's wagon stroller model.

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Keenz XC 2 Passenger

Weight Limit: Up to 216 lbs.

The Keenz XC is a two-passenger powerhouse. Luxury stroller wagons like this help you to get your life under control with ease. With reclining and removable seats that are padded, children will be able to sit for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. The all-terrain wheels mean you can tackle the puddles at the park or trek up hills with ease!

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Keenz 7S 2.0 2 Passenger

Weight Limit: Up to 300 lbs.

The Original Keenz 7S is where it all started, 2.0 is where it got even better! This kid's wagon stroller offers everything your family needs for an adventure, including a canopy system with windows, lots of storage, a cooler bag, and just enough room for a diaper change or quiet time.

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JPMA Certified

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with your child's safety in mind. Our stroller wagons are JPMA certified, which means that they have been rigorously tested and found to meet or exceed the highest safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can trust that our stroller wagons are safe and reliable for all of your family's adventures. Browse Keenz's selection of JPMA certified wagon strollers and shop our wagon stroller sale today!
JPMA Certified & Parent Approved · All-Terrain Wheels Standard · Snack Tray With Cup Holders · Canopy System with UV Protection · Dual Leather Handlebars · 5-Point Harness