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Let's Imagine a World

Keenz stroller wagons provide children and families a way to safely
explore the world! Our stroller wagons take your family outings to the next level, providing a way to head to the park on a nice day, take on the zoo with confidence, the beach with ease, long days of errands and shopping without having to worry about the stress of carrying everything with you and keeping your kids safely by your side (AND happy in their own space). Be prepared for any family trip by shopping our wagon stroller sale today!

Choose the Kids Wagon Stroller for Your Family

Keenz Stroller Wagons offer several models for you to choose from, each offering a luxury feel, heavy-duty all-terrain wheels, easy-to-move design, lots of roomy space inside, and tons of storage on all sides for easy organization. Keenz signature dual side push/pull vegan leather handlebars and signature single canopy system with SPF protection and privacy shades continue to set the standard. Our wagons are built for comfort, ease, and adventure and come fully loaded with all the features you need for a perfect outing.

We often get the question: What wagon is best for our family? We recommend the 7S models for the true adventurous family that frequents trails and beaches. When compared to cars, the 7S series is your Bronco, Jeep, Land Rover – an all-around sport utility vehicle. The 7S+ 4-passenger is the largest by far and would be considered an Expedition, Tahoe, or probably most like a Hummer. The XC series is your true luxury vehicle with comfort for long days. It is your Lincoln, Mercedes, Lexus, and the XC+ 4-passenger is like adding the 3rd row for extra room.

The Vyoo series is our versatile option for families needing flexible seating. The Vyoo2 and Vyoo4 offer face-to-face seating and five different positions to suit your needs. These models are akin to a versatile minivan, offering adaptability and comfort for family outings, whether it's a trip to the park or a day at the beach.

The DUO is the ultimate double-purpose wagon, perfect for transporting both cargo and kids. Think of the DUO as your reliable pickup truck, ideal for heavy-duty tasks and family adventures alike, making it a perfect utility wagon for parks, museums, beaches, and all-terrain adventures.

Shop Keenz's models today and see how our wagon stroller sale will revolutionize your family outings!

Keenz vyo͞o - Envision Adventure

New 2024 Model | 2 and 4 Passenger

Discover the Keenz vyo͞o Series Stroller Wagons, the ultimate in seating versatility for family outings. Both the vyo͞o2 and vyo͞o4 offer five unique seating positions, catering to your children's changing moods and interactions. They transform from a playful face-to-face setup to independent outward-facing views, ensuring each journey is as engaging as it is cozy. With all-terrain wheels for a smooth ride and dynamic seating that adapts to growing curiosity, the vyo͞o Series is not just a way to travel; it's a flexible family fortress that evolves with every delightful ride.

Includes Activity Tray & Canopy Peek-a-boo Windows

Keenz DUO - Double Purpose Wagon

New 2024 Model | Double Purpose - Utility Wagon | 4- Passengers

Explore effortlessly with the DUO Stroller Wagon, the epitome of functionality and freedom. Designed to keep pace with dynamic family life, it seamlessly transforms from a cozy carrier for four little ones to a capacious cargo hauler. Envision hassle-free outings where kids and essentials fit comfortably, ready to tackle any terrain with ease. The DUO is your partner in crafting stress-free adventures, offering a blend of comfort and convenience with an intuitive design that complements your parenting prowess. Imagine a world where every trip is all about the fun — the DUO is your ticket there.

Keenz XC Series - Luxury Comfort

2 and 4 Passenger

Meet the Keenz XC Series Stroller Wagons, the luxurious trailblazers for dynamic families on the go. The XC and XC+ meld comfort with adventure, offering mesh sides for ventilation, blackout options for tranquility, and cozy reclining seats. These wagons accommodate from one to four passengers, with ample storage and UV-protective canopies. Effortless to maneuver, they bring the comfort of home to every journey, whether you're navigating city streets or nature trails. The XC Series turns family outings into enviable, stylish adventures.

Includes Activity Tray, Canopy Peek-a-boo Windows & Canopy Storage Cover

7S Series - Ultimate Adventure

2 and 4 Passengers

Embark on every journey with the Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon Series, your all-in-one adventure companion, blending comfort and convenience. The 7S 2.0 and 7S+ feature cushy interiors, expansive storage with cooler bags, and blackout canopy panels for restful naps on the move. All-terrain wheels glide over bumps, while dual handlebars and a 5-point harness ensure a secure, smooth ride. JPMA certified for peace of mind, these wagons turn every trip into a delightful family escapade.

Includes Activity Tray, Canopy Peek-a-boo Windows, Canopy Storage Cover, Wagon Storage Cover, Phone/cup Holder - Cooler box (7S version), Cooler Compartment (7S+ Version)

JPMA Certified

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with your child's safety in mind. Our stroller wagons are JPMA certified, which means that they have be rigorously tested and found to meet or exceed the highest safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You can trust that our stroller wagons are safe and reliable for all of your family's adventures. Browse Keenz's selection of JPMA certified wagon strollers and shop our wagon stroller sale today!

Love on Wheels: Every Ride, A Week of Nourishment

At Keenz, community and giving are at our heart. For every wagon sold, we donate $10 to World Villages for Children, helping break the cycle of poverty for families.