Keenz DUO - The Dynamic Dual-Purpose Stroller Wagon for the Active Family

Keenz vyo͞o Series - The Seating Chameleon of Family Adventures

Let's imagine a World

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XC Series Stroller Wagons: Unleash the Explorer Within

Embrace Rugged Elegance and Versatility, From Urban Excursions to Off-Road Adventures

XC Series: A Gateway to Imagination

Unlock a world of adventure with the Keenz XC Series Stroller Wagons, where every journey fuels the imagination. Designed for the modern, active family, the XC and XC+ transform every outing into a seamless blend of comfort and discovery. The robust all-terrain wheels and advanced suspension promise smooth travels from city sidewalks to sandy beaches, making each trip a delight for the senses and a spark for the young imagination.

Dive into every adventure with confidence and style, as the Keenz XC Series caters to all your needs. From the expansive, retractable canopy shielding your little ones from the elements, to the plush interiors ensuring their utmost comfort, every detail is crafted with care. With ample storage and intuitive features, the XC and XC+ invite you to imagine a world where family outings symbolize freedom, joy, and boundless exploration.

XC Series: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

XC Luxury Comfort - The Luxury Wagon Stroller

Ready to make days out more fun, comfortable, and secure, all in one go? Plan your outings around the Keenz XC and XC+ Luxury Comfort Wagon Stroller: an all-terrain, all-activity, comfort wagon stroller that makes life easier for everyone – including moms and dads.

The XC and XC+ model is built for everyone: It's the ideal child transportation vehicle for families with multiple kids, those taking friends out, and parents that just can't seem to find a comfort wagon stroller with enough cargo space!

Sturdy Construction At Luxury Standards

This luxury wagon stroller's sturdy frame seats from 2 to 4 children depending on the model, and can hold up to 216 or 326 pounds of weight. The 5-point harness system ensures a safe ride for everyone, and soft fabric covers its reclining seats, which are even removable in case you don’t need them all at once. 

This luxury wagon stroller lets you navigate crowds of any size while standing apart from the pack. You'll love having perks like spring suspension on all four wheels (so you'll never have to worry about bumps interrupting quiet time) and reflective fabrics that increase visibility when walking during early mornings or evenings. Plus, this comfort wagon stroller comes with a privacy canopy system so your passengers can stay shaded throughout their journey! 

Overall Thoughtful Design

What really sets this Keenz luxury wagon stroller apart is its premium engineering, smart design, and massive storage capacity: With roomy compartments under each seat and a large snack tray, there's plenty of space for food, drinks, and attention-grabbing toys, no matter how long your adventure takes you! And if you ever find yourself in search of more cargo space, just remove one of the seat units whenever necessary!

XC Luxury Comfort Wagon Stroller Collection

For comfort & convenience on family trips, count on The Keenz XC 2 Passenger and XC+ 4 Passengerluxury wagon stroller! Your littles will have more fun, and you'll save yourself more than a few headaches – what's not to love about thiscomfort wagon stroller? To find more information, browse our XC Luxury Comfort collection and shop Keenz today!

Love on Wheels: Every Ride, A Week of Nourishment

At Keenz, community and giving are at our heart. For every wagon sold, we donate $10 to World Villages for Children, helping break the cycle of poverty for families.

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