Keenz Discounts

Every Day Hero Discount

We are happy to offer a 15% year-round discount on stroller wagons to active and veteran service members, first responders, healthcare professionals and teachers.  Discounts are not valid on accessories and cannot be combined with other promotions or used to purchase Open Box inventory. Visit our Every Day Hero page to learn more.


Medical & Accessibility Discount

We are happy to provide a 25% discount on new wagons to families with children who have autism, sensory processing disorders, cerebral palsy, disabilities, or other health needs that require the transport of medical equipment. The application process requires the completion of this medical form by a board-licensed medical professional. To qualify, there has to be a physical, emotional, social or psychological benefit to the patient using the Keenz product. Ultimately, the determination is decided on by your child's medical care provider. Visit our Medical Discount page to learn more.