City Sleek - The Compact Wagon Stroller

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City Sleek - The Compact Wagon Stroller

When it comes to rolling in style, nothing beats our small wagon stroller City Sleek collection! This compact wagon stroller is perfect for growing families and it seats two passengers aged for 12 months and up. Here’s why you’ll love this small wagon stroller as much as they will!

The Most Compact Stroller Wagon Has Thoughtful, Sturdy Construction

A small wagon stroller from Keenz still comes with wide seats and ergonomic backrests to keep things comfortable while still allowing the kids to enjoy the sights. The 4-wheel suspension reduces bumps on the road, so their growing bodies are protected, no matter where the next adventure goes. With a 5-point safety harness, each compact wagon stroller is secure on both sides for optimum safety!

But that’s not all! Keenz designed the most compact stroller wagon collection to optimize what parents love most about small wagon strollers. Ball-bearing wheels make pushing a breeze with less friction and smoother tire rotation. City Sleek stroller wagons also fold and unfold in seconds, so packing them away is as easy as moving them around. 

Ease of Convenience and Storage 

What could be better than effortless storage at home and in the car? Convenience on the go, of course! The City Sleek is the most compact stroller wagon collection, which includes a snap-in tray with each for snacks and activities. Entertaining the little ones is as simple as maneuvering this small wagon stroller on a narrow path. With a removable, retractable canopy and a mesh roof, you don’t have to worry about keeping them shaded on a sunny day.

Keenz designed this collection of compact wagon strollers for durability and comfort, so your family can focus on what matters most — enjoying quality time together. Our small wagon stroller with a lightweight design is perfect for storage, and it has a wagon weight limit of 110 lbs, so you can still take your essentials with you!

City Sleek wagon strollers aren’t just packed with convenient features to get you from A to B. Styled with mélange fabric, an ergonomic design, and a retractable canopy, this collection looks great on the journey too! To find more information, browse our City Sleek stroller wagon collection and shop Keenz today!