Stroller Replacement Parts

Keenz stocks all of our collapsible wagon parts for each model, so you don't have to purchase a new stroller wagon if something happens to yours. Our vast selection of foldable wagon parts and collapsible wagon parts provides everything you need to keep your family on the move! Browse our collapsible wagon parts, foldable wagon parts, and all other replacement parts for your stroller wagon now!

Stroller Wagon Replacement Parts

Life happens. We get it. We also know how much you love using your Keenz stroller wagon on a daily basis. While Keenz strollers are built to last many family adventures, some parts may wear faster than others, and some parts may simply get lost. We don’t want to see a broken canopy or banged-up rear wheel stopping your fun!
With a wide range of stroller replacement parts available, there is no reason for you to be out of action for long. And because our stroller replacement parts cover every range of our strollers, you only need to replace what needs replacing. You might just be looking to give your stroller wagon a little bit of a facelift, getting it ready for the next generation of adventure-seeking children. Wagon replacement parts range from replacement wheels and folding canopies to replacement frames and more! 
If your wagon cover has a tear from plenty of fun and wear, we stock replacement fabric bodies and replacement canopy covers too, so there is no need to replace the frame if it is still in good condition. Other similar wagon replacement parts include cargo bin fabric and back pocket panels. 
Safety is always our number one priority, which is why we offer a full range of replacement straps, buckles, clips, harnesses, and harness pad sets. 
Wheels are one of the most important stroller replacement parts to stock. They truly keep the adventures rolling. We offer replacement wheels for both the front and rear wheels for all models, including all-terrain wheels. Replacement axles are also available if needed!
Went one adventure too far? Our armory of wagon replacement parts includes replacements of the entire frame plus frame bolts, wheel bolts, springs, and replacement fabric hardware to get you back on the path in no time.
Here at Keenz, we believe the fun should never stop. That’s why we make sure to stock all the right stroller replacement parts to keep your stroller wagon on a roll! If you have a particular question regarding certain parts, reach out to us for further information today!