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At Keenz we love a good story, small business and loyalty. So when Keenz customers and founders of Best Life Kids approached us about growing Keenz in Canada it was a natural decision to partner up and see what we could accomplish together. 



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Best Life Kids Story:

Winter 2018 and we had finally made our first family trip to Disneyland. There we were with 3 kids, souvenirs, and a cooler with snacks all wedged in to a 2-seater stroller. We had just finished lunch and were making an afternoon gameplan for our final day at the park when this family pulled up beside us with this incredible stroller. Mom and dad were relaxed, enjoying coffees and sharing a laugh; And their kids resting peacefully inside of this stroller/wagon thing that looked more like a luxury land yacht than anything else. Amazed at its utility, it begged the question as to why we’d never seen anything like this before? And why were we, and so many other families, struggling with strollers not designed with active families in mind? We thought our deluxe 2-seater stroller was the best you could get but we were so wrong. This ‘thing’ parked beside us had a canopy with drop down sides, a deep and padded pram, 2 5-point harnesses, storage galore, 4-wheel suspension, and you could just tell the materials were all a cut above. Not to mention how comfy their kiddos looked inside of it; Even our 3 daughters couldn’t help but join us in staring at it in awe (and a bit of envy, too).  

It was of course the original stroller wagon, the Keenz 7S. We took note of the name and planned to pick one up for ourselves right when we got home to Canada. Fast forward a few months and countless store inquiries later, we had to finally accept the fact that we couldn’t get one in Canada. So, a few months later in the early days of summer we started out on a road trip through the Rockies south of the border to finally get own Keenz 7S (and have a great time camping along the way, too, of course). We brought it home and naturally used it everywhere; The beach, the zoo, the park, the mall and even the grocery store. Everyone was commenting on it and wondering where they could get their own. The 7S was a total game changer for us.  

So, with a passion and love for the product coupled with distribution and importing knowhow, the idea was born; 

That idea was Best Life Kids. And our mission was and will always be to keep things simple and connect families with the most versatile, well-built products on the market. We are a small, customer focused company with big dreams of staying that way! 

So cheers to living your best life ~from our family to yours 

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By choosing Keenz Stroller Wagons, you're not just investing in a high-quality product for your family; you're becoming a part of a movement to create positive change. Together, we can turn every stroll into an opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of those who need it most.

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