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How a Stroller Wagon Makes Skiing and Snowboarding with Toddlers Easier

two children in full snowboarding gear pose in front of black Keenz stroller wagon

Getting from your car to the slopes with kids and gear can be a challenge. We asked our friend Jessica Devoy, The Rocky Mountain Mom, how her Keenz 7S+ 4 Passenger Stroller Wagon helps make family snowboarding days easier. Read her tips for packing her Keenz wagon and her two children's snowboarding gear below. 


Using a Keenz Stroller Wagon During Snowboarding Trips


I love using our stroller wagon when taking my toddlers snowboarding. I feel like it makes the adventure less exhausting by holding everything. I use the wagon when we go to ski areas that have direct street access. We have not tried bringing it up a gondola, yet. 


After parking I remove the wagon from my trunk and set it up, this frees up space to get the kids ready. Then it’s snacks, potty and diaper changes while we get them in their outerwear and mittens. Most of the time I keep them in winter boots vs snowboard boots until we put on their snowboards. It keeps their toes warm and feet more comfortable. 


Next I load the conveniently attached cooler. I always bring lots of water and snacks!  Some days I pack a lunch, too, it just depends how long we plan on staying. Then I put important diaper bag items (diapers, wipes, keys, phone, wallet, etc.) in the front closable pocket.

snowboard gear in a stroller wagon

Next I strap the kids into their seats and start loading the gear. The wagon has four large inside pockets, two outer zippered pockets, and two front pockets. What goes where depends on how much gear we need that day. I like to start with the outer pockets and work my way in so the kids have as much room as possible. Their snowboards fit great in the inner pockets, as do backpack harnesses. Goggles and smaller gear fit best in the outer side pockets. Anything that doesn’t have a pocket gets put inside of the wagon around the kids. I bust out the bungee cords whenever my husband and I want to bring our snowboards. They keep everything snug so it doesn’t bounce around or fall into the kids.


Each of my toddlers has a backpack that all of their gear fits into. I find it’s easiest to put their boots, helmet, goggles, hood, and board in the backpack. Then I place their loaded backpacks inside of the wagon next to each child.  

 stroller wagon with ski gear

Finally we’re off to the base area. Even loaded down the wagon is light enough for my three year old to push on the concrete. However, my husband takes over when we get on the snow. Occasionally it’s a two man job, but the wagon is a beast with the all terrain tires. 


I leave the wagon and extra gear at the base of the magic carpet so I can keep an eye on it. I love that I don’t have to run back to the car for the endless snack + diaper breaks. The kids appreciate being able to sit inside of the wagon instead of on the snow during breaks. It also helps keep them contained while navigating the hectic resort.


I absolutely recommend Keenz Stroller Wagons if you have an outdoorsy family, it’s a great year-round product!



Author: Jessica, The Rocky Mountain Mom

Jessica and her family live a slow, simple, seasonal life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Her blog started as a way to share her adventures with family and friends. We hope you'll check her out and find her family's adventures as inspiring as we do!