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Preparing for the Whims of Spring Weather

Preparing for the Whims of Spring Weather

Spring weather is always a welcome change after a long, dark winter that likely kept kiddos cooped up inside. As your family calendar begins to fill up with gatherings at the park, kids’ sports, and local community events, we want to help make sure the whole family has a great time.

As exciting as this season is, spring does come with some challenges – mainly that its weather can be entirely unpredictable! A chilly spring morning can quickly bloom into a warm afternoon or devolve into a downpour, and, with little ones in tow, it’s important to be prepared for both. A stroller wagon can help you not only prepare for the bounty of activities that spring offers, but also pack for the weather changes that may come your way. 

Storage compartments for various gear

A plethora of inner and outer pockets make it easy to store a variety of spring and weather-related gear, from rain jackets and boots for impromptu puddle splashing to an extra blanket to spread out over damp grass at the park.

Keenz XC+ storage pockets

Need to do a footwear swap halfway through your adventure? You can store muddy shoes in the separate ventilated shoe compartment beneath the storage basket so they won’t soil the rest of your belongings (or get left behind!). Your stroller wagon has plenty of space to pack for a variety of outcomes and still give a roomy ride for your youngest adventurers. 

Keenz 7S+ shoe storage

Our wagons also have plenty of room for snacks, and we all know how important it is to have snacks on hands when you're out and about with kids. The 7S+ has a built-in cooler and storage basket to make it easy to pack the snacks your kids love.

Keenz 7S+ cooler basket

A home base for younger siblings

If you’re a sports family, you might have an older kiddo on the field while younger ones have to cheer from the sidelines. We all know an older siblings’ soccer game can only hold a toddler’s attention for so long, and it’s a better time for everyone if little brothers and sisters have their own place to be content.

Keenz on the sideline at a game

Your family stroller wagon can serve as a cozy spot for them, stocked with their favorite toys, comfort snacks, and warm blankets for chilly mornings. If the cheering gets to be too much for them or you need to do a diaper change, the side panel drapes can roll down to give them extra privacy or a break from the noise. 

Keenz Canopy with Side Drapes

Features made for all kinds of weather 

We’ve designed our stroller wagons with the elements in mind. All of our wagons come with our classic Keenz canopy and side drape system . The canopy can be fully closed to protect from the sun or unzipped and rolled back to utilize a mesh top for greater airflow.

Mesh on Keenz canopy

The mesh top is also ideal for giving greater visibility that works both ways – you can easily see into the wagon to check on little ones while you push or pull, and they can enjoy a view of blue skies or point out shapes in the clouds.

XC+ side mesh panels

Our newer models (the Keenz 7S+ and both the XC and XC+ models) come with some exciting upgrades. The panels on the sides of the Keenz XC and XC+ wagons can be rolled up to reveal mesh sides, providing more airflow through the footwell for warmer days. And all three of our newest wagons come standard with all-terrain wheels – so whether your adventure brings gravel paths, beach treks, muddy grass, or dirt trails, you’ll be good to go.

And don’t sleep on some of our stroller wagon accessories – like our all-weather cover or mosquito netting. You never know when Mother Nature might drop a few inches of snow in April. 

7S All-Weather Cover

For those pesky mosquitos and small insects that return every spring, our mosquito netting is the perfect addition to your outings. It's ventilated enough for your little one to stay cool too (without sacrificing protection too!) 

Keenz 7S Mosquito Net

With many standard features and handy optional accessories, our stroller wagons can take your family’s preparedness to the next level and provide even more comfort and versatility while out and about.

What adventures do you have planned this spring? Please tag @keenzstrollerwagons and share your fun!