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black Keenz stroller wagon with 4 kids riding and two different sizes of stroller in compact and fully open modes

We are excited to introduce parents to our brand new 4-passenger stroller wagon, the 7S+. The new wagon offers many of the features parents love about our original stroller wagon and more. To help you understand the differences between the 7S and the 7S+, we asked long-time Keenz customer and Brand Ambassador Becka Butler to walk you through the differences. Read on to learn more from this mom of four.

Are you a mom of 2 or more little ones? Are you curious whether the 7S or 7S+ is right for you? I’m here to help you decide! 

When I had triplets in 2017, finding a stroller that worked for us and fit into our vehicle felt like a nightmare. We had clunky, heavy stroller systems and plastic wagons that didn’t fit in our car. In 2019 we purchased the 7S and haven’t looked back. We loved the flexibility of positioning our kids as we pleased. It allowed our triplets to ride comfortably while we pushed or pulled the wagon from place to place. The folding design meant it also fit nicely in the small trunk of our SUV. While we’ve loved the utility of our Keenz 7S, we needed something larger because we’ve added another child to our family, and our triplets have grown. Enter the Keenz 7S+!

Let’s take a moment to compare a few specifications between these two unique wagons. The all-new Keenz 7S+ boasts seating for four with a 5-point safety harness for each child. The Keenz 7S has two seats with belts. The 7S+ is wider to accommodate the additional passengers and a couple of inches longer. The exact measurements for the wagons are:

  • 7S (2-seater) measures 35.5" L x 19.5" W x 44.25" H
  • 7S+ (4-seater) measures 38" L x 25" W x 47" H 

Left - Keenz 7S | Right - Keenz 7S+

Both wagons feature a foot brake for parking and easy loading/unloading. Additionally, both include leather-wrapped handles for pushing or pulling, making the wagon stylish and functional. Coolers and vented storage underneath are found on both wagons, making it the perfect item for walking to your neighborhood pool or strolling through the zoo. The canopy and roll-down shades protect the little riders and come with the 7S and 7S+.

These wagons are the ultimate comfort ride. People often stop us to ask about our unique stroller! Inside the 7S, children will sit across from each other on a wagon floor. The 7S+ has leveled up and added a footwell (with removable cover) so children can sit across from each other in a seated position. There are also pockets at each seat in the 7S+ so the rider can store their sippy cup, snack, or essential treasures. 

My 5-year-old triplets and 2-year-old prefer the ride of the 7S+ because they like the footwell and keeping unique treasures they find on our walks in the pocket. They also appreciate having enough room to sit side-by-side. We still used our 7S until the week before the new, larger wagon arrived. When I put four kids in the 7S, they had to sit and stand, which isn’t comfortable for any long trip. It was only an option to get from the car to the building entrance, and then they had to take turns riding and walking. The 7S is ideal for multiples when smaller or for two riders. The comfortable space of the 7S+ also means we aren’t listening to fighting when we are trying to take our children for a walk…and many parents know that peace is priceless!

These stroller wagons are portable with easy folding and have removable wheels and axel. Disassembly takes moments, and reassembling the Keenz stroller wagon takes 2 minutes - I even timed it once! The portability makes both the 7S and 7S+ stand out from the stroller competition. Both wagons have fit in the back of our Chevy Traverse and our Chrysler Pacifica. The wagons are lightweight and can be loaded into the car by a single adult. The 7S fits easily into standard doorways navigates aisles of stores, amusement parks, etc., with ease. I’ve found the 7S+ will fit through most doorways, but due to its wider frame, the tires do occasionally rub on more narrow doorframes while passing through. Anywhere that is ADA accessible has fit both wagons just fine!

As an owner of both models, I love them for different reasons. When you have two children, who are smaller or of different ages, the 7S provides everything you need. I love the ability to haul 1 or 2 riders or transport our belongings to the beach or park. But when our family expanded to 4 growing children, the 7S+ was the best choice. Whichever wagon you choose, you’ll have a stroller-wagon that is unmatched by other brands with customer service that is unbeatable. I know you’ll be just as happy with your choice as our family has been!

I received 7S+ in exchange for writing and photography for this blog post, but the thoughts here are my own. We previously purchased our 7S in 2019.


a round, close-up of the blog author, Becka Butler with a grassy background

Becka is a mother of 4 children - 5-year-old triplets and a two-year-old. She also writes for her blog, The Becka Blog, and Instagram by the same name. She is a substitute special education teacher with both a bachelor's and masters in education. She passionately shares about education, play, and big family life on her platforms.