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Fun Ways to Use Your Stroller Wagon for Indoor Play

excited baby sticking tongue out and raising hands in cheer while sitting in black Keenz stroller wagon

Though there are still many ways to enjoy the colder months with little ones in their stroller wagon – like taking in the sights of a winter wonderland under the protection of an All-Weather Cover – there are just some days where it isn’t comfortable (or safe) for long treks outside. The pandemic taught us all too well how long days cooped up inside can start to make the whole family cranky, especially little ones who may have maxed out their screen time and are feeling uninspired by their usual toys. We thought we’d help you get creative with some fun ideas for how to use your stroller wagon for indoor play. Try encouraging these ideas with your kiddos on your next snowy Sunday or cozy evening inside. 

  1. Drive-In Movie Night in the Living Room 

This might be an especially fun idea for a family-friendly Valentine’s Day activity coming up. Set your little ones up with everything they need to be cozy in their stroller wagon – from blankets and their favorite lovie to special movie night snacks. Once their chosen movie is cued up, roll them into the living room like they’re arriving at the latest feature at the drive-in. Note: you might have to explain what a drive-in movie theater is for them to get the theme if they’ve never been before! Stretch this activity out even more and build excitement by having little ones decorate their stroller-wagon-car during the day.  

2. Pillow Fort

There’s just something about the coziness of a pillow fort that makes the whole world melt away. The next time your kids are dragging your couch cushions and throws onto the floor, encourage them to use their stroller wagon to build a fort of even more epic proportions. It can live inside the fort as a special throne or can transport supplies to and from the fort’s top secret location. 

3. Animal Mobile 

Many dog parents have a Keenz stroller wagon for their pups, and with the photos we see shared on social media, it’s clear that dogs (and even some cats) love a wagon as much as little humans do! Furthermore, many little ones love to help out by pushing or pulling the wagon. They’d be a natural at taking pets or beloved stuffed animals for a ride around the kitchen or down the hall. 

4. Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a popular activity for indoor play. Sensory play is not only relatively easy to facilitate with items you have around the house, but also incredibly beneficial for little ones’ development – from fine motor skills to mindfulness. Plus, a sensory bin can be easily themed for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or just the seasons in general. Turn your stroller wagon into a treasure trove of sensory discovery with all sorts of items varying in texture! Just be sure that you don’t create a headache for yourself later with items that are too difficult to clean or take out. 

We know the winter months can feel long. But spring is just around the corner…and sometimes a touch of indoor boredom is just what little ones need to get creative with their play.