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Holiday Activites That Are Better with a Stroller Wagon

Keenz stroller wagons decorated with christmas lights during festive holiday events

With the holiday season, and all of the fun that comes with it, approaching we thought it would be fun to think about all of the ways a Keenz Stroller Wagon can help make holiday activities with children easier.  From Christmas tree farms to holiday parades, a Keenz Wagon makes it easy to transport your kiddos and all of the things they need to be comfy and content no matter what the weather brings! 

Here are five holiday activities that are better with a stroller wagon. What activity would you add to the list?

1. Neighborhood Lights

seeing holiday lights in a stroller wagon

Something about the simple beauty of holiday lights continues to captivate every Winter season, and they certainly help infuse the longer nights with a little magic. Bundle little ones up and bring them along for a stroll around the block to take in your neighborhood’s decorations. With plenty of room for blankets and jackets, they can nestle in, stay warm, and keep an eye out for some of their favorite holiday characters adorning the neighbor’s lawns. And while the kiddos are snuggled in, keep your own hands cozy with waterproof handmuffs while you push or pull them along. 

Photo by: @chrissychitwood on Instagram

2. Tree Farm

visiting a Christmas tree lot in a stroller wagon

Give the kids a front-row seat to picking out your tree! The ability to both push and pull the wagon allows you to easily navigate the dirt trails at your local tree farm, so you can focus more on the tree-cutting and less on a stroller that keeps getting stuck. And the kids will thank you for a smoother ride while they scout the pines for the perfect one to bring home. 

Photo by: @dr.sonnguyendc on Instagram

3. Local Holiday Parades

watching a holiday parade in a stroller wagon

Many towns schedule a Santa visit earlier in the season, and littles love to watch him glide by atop a festive float or wave at the local firetruck as it cruises down the road, decked out in lights. But sometimes these events can involve a lot of waiting around on the sidewalk, and the crowd can lead to overstimulation for little ones absorbing all the new sights and sounds. In their stroller wagon, children can feel like they have their own safe space to settle in and wait for the fun to begin. If you notice they start to become overstimulated, the built-in canopy drapes can be lowered for privacy and allow them to retreat from the noise for a bit. That way, they get a break from the activity without having to take everyone home. 

Photo by: @courtney.hudson326 on Instagram

4. Gift Shopping

holiday shopping with a Keenz Stroller Wagon

As reluctant as they may be, we often have no choice but to bring the kiddos with us when it’s time to tick off some items on our list. And though online shopping is everyone’s first stop, there are likely some local businesses that you still want to support this year. When their legs get tired and the afternoon crankiness starts to set in, kiddos can once again retreat to their stroller wagon for a smooth ride and their favorite snack from the cooler bag. And depending on how many little ones you have, there’s likely room in the stroller to pack some gifts in, too, so you can shop hands-free. 

Photo by: @howardandbow on Instagram

5. Snow Days

snow days with a stroller wagon

A touch of weather is no reason to stay cooped up in the house all day. Enjoy the hush of the first blanket of snow and protect littles from the elements with a breathable All-Weather Cover. It includes UV protection and four windows so they can still see the winter wonderland that surrounds them without having to brave the wind. Plus, it easily unzips so everyone can stop and hop out for snow angels or snowball fights along the way. 

Photo by: @dmknebel_xo on Instagram

We love seeing your and your children out having fun! Please share your fun with us by tagging @keenzstrollerwagons on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok this holiday season.