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7 Awesome Stroller Wagon Costume Ideas

keenz 7s wagon ghostbusters costume

7 Awesome Halloween Stroller Wagon Costume Ideas 


For families with young kiddos, taking their stroller wagon trick-or-treating has many advantages. A stroller wagon gives the little ones a place to ride and still feel like part of the fun. It's roomy enough for jackets, blankets, and Halloween props and for the big kids who will want a ride at the end of the night. And for those who love to let their creativity and craftiness shine on Halloween, a stroller wagon can take a costume from good to extraordinary. We’ve gathered some of our favorite Keenz Halloween stroller wagon costume ideas shared on Facebook over the past few year to help get your creative juices flowing. We can't wait to see what Keenz families have planned for this year! 

Barrel of Monkeys (via Rochelle Thomas Cantrell)

stroller wagon halloween costume

We’re bananas for this barrel of monkeys! We love that the parents' costumes have a sense of humor (although we’re not sure if Dad can see). Our 7S Stroller Wagon is easily transformed into a barrel with fabric or peel-and-stick wallpaper on cardboard and the “Barrel of Monkeys" sign can be designed on a computer and printed at a local copy store. Be sure to start planning early so you have time to put all the elements together to create an adorable family costume like this one. 

Cat in the Hat (via Nina Beana)

Cat in the Hat Stroller Wagon Costume

This darling Cat in the Hat would’ve made Dr. Seuss proud. Transforming the Keenz 7S into the Cat in the Hat car complete with gears and a fish bowl on top is seriously impressive. The lights add to the magic and ensure everyone can see your handiwork and spot your stroller wagon in the dark. Make sure you have face paint (or black eyeliner) on hand to give your little cat the perfect finishing touch: whiskers!

Ghostbusters (via Jill Eggenberger)

stroller wagon ghost busters costume

Who ya gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!! With this crew we feel safe from any and all specters that may be lurking around on Halloween night. You can find everything you need on Etsy to pull this costume together for the whole family, from patches to custom printed fabric. The boxes and cardboard cylinders on top are a terrific way to repurpose items you already have in your home.

Claw Game (via Elisabel Anaiis Serrato)

claw game stroller wagon costume

Who doesn’t want to win a sweet unicorn out of a claw machine? We sure do! We love the mash up of creativity happening with this costume. The purple and pumpkin lights add a perfect touch. Why not take your favorite game or activity and overlay Halloween spookiness on top? Or find a fun way, like this one, to  take your kiddo's already adorable costume to a new level with a decked out ride to go with it? 

Jurassic Park (via Cynthia S Mitchell)

Jurassic Park stroller wagon costume idea

Move over paleontologists: there are some new dinosaurs in the town and they have looks that kill. We love how this family used the Keenz canopy frame in an ingenious way to make a cage for their little T-Rexs. You can pick up custom lettering on Etsy or your favorite arts and crafts store.

Rapunzel (via Susan McCauley)

stroller wagon princess castle

Someone rescue that princess from the dragon! We can’t get over how detailed the brick wall is. Someone very talented got ahold of some cardboard and markers. And you can use washi tape to create the lattice detail at the top of the wall. We’re also delighted with the way they used the Keenz 7S canopy for the purple roof. The blond braid hanging down is a flourish that will make all the other princesses jealous.

Crayola Box (via Lauren Mitchell)

crayola stroller wagon costume

Color us impressed! Everyone loves a box of brand new crayons, and these are the best looking colors we’ve seen. To get the kids involved, have them help you paint the cardboard box. The Keenz canopy is a great way to support the Crayola box top, and we appreciate how the children's Halloween stroller costumes come together with tops and bottoms they will wear long after Halloween! 

We love the creativity and combination of store-bought and homemade Halloween stroller costumes in this round-up. We hope this helps get your creative juices flowing. Don't forget, executing a great stroller wagon costume can take some time and Halloween will be here before we know it. Start your brainstorming now and once your family has agreed on an idea, start gathering the materials to make sure you have everything you need for your masterpiece. We can't see what you come up with this year!

Happy #HalloKeenz

Thanks so all the families who have tagged us and used the hashtag #HalloKeenz the past few years. We love seeing your photos and are happy to be able to share your creativity with other families here.